Guitar Strings

This photo was taken with a 8 second shutter speed with a narrow beam flashlight to diffuse the colored light overhead. It didn’t come out exactly as I intended. I’ll have to try this one again but it’s an interesting enough picture for day 29.

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  1. Nice close up. The black ground makes shot pop.

  2. A guitar two days in a row. Are we seeing a trend? Another good shot in which you get up close and with a good angle to see a photograph where most people see just everyday stuff. Without the rhythm switch in the bottom right of the photo it would have been boring, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the bottom right of the photo. Good job!

  3. John

    Thanks. I really wanted the background to have a redish tint and the strings to be natural. The challenge was the trying to make the white light just the right brightness to not wash out the colored light. It didn’t actually work. I think it’s because the black didn’t absorb the color. Even though the entire guitar is covered in colored light, it can only be seen in the tint of silver. I’ll try this again with a different object. For a different kind of site check out boobquake.

  4. Really dig the shot. Nice idea with the flashlight! The chrome shine works well.

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